To Hear or Not to Hear

"Can you believe how stupid he was?"

"I know what an a______ he was."

"Can you f_____ believe this?"

What would you do or think if you heard these kinds of phrases from behind a counter from employees who could not see you, nor you them? Would you voluntarily return and give your hard-earned money for the service this company provided or would you perhaps think about another establishment where employees have a bit more decorum and respect for those in the store?

Rhetorical questions really.

Now imagine if this company was a relative monopoly and you had no choice but to use them over and over and over again. Welcome to the United States Post Office.

The above scenario happened to me at a local branch. While the exact phrases may have been a bit different, the swear words are impressed into my brain. I cannot use the competitive free market to find better service. I am stuck.

This situation is more indicative of our society than of hiring of quality employees. I wonder; do these employees care if anyone heard them? How could anyone not hear them? I neither saw nor heard any contrition from them when they saw me waiting at the counter.

The take away message:

Your customers are listening to your employees as soon as they walk in the store. Do not tolerate abhorrent behavior with those that serve these people.

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