The Slurp and Pick

I was visiting my bank recently and like many banks, it has interior offices with windows on the inside. This design I can only guess is to show how "open" the banking officers are to the general pubic who walk in for a transaction.

While waiting for a teller, I let my eye wander around the bank. Over to my left I see a bank officer inside one of these windowed offices. I noticed he was intently looking at his computer screen. I decided to watch and decipher what he was doing. Why not? I had a few minutes before a teller was free (the fact that I had to wait a few minutes is another subject!).

The next thing I see is this bank officer eating his lunch while reading something on his computer screen. No gross infraction of decorum up to now. Suddenly he pulls his yogurt cup up to his mouth and begins to use his tongue as a spoon. "Attractive" I thought.

I can get around the use of one's tongue while eating a cup of yogurt, but what came next was something that should generally be done behind closed doors and closed windows: this banking officer began to pick at his hair or perhaps it was his scalp. It doesn't matter, the damage was done! All I could think was that this bank officer was imitating a chimp. Did he not remember that there was this huge plate glass window showing his every move to the bank lobby?

The take away message:

Your customers are watching you. Are you and your staff doing things that would turn them off or worse, cause the customer to tell others and create a negative image of your company?



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