The power of positive customer experiences
By Kim Proctor

Research has proven that customers are seeking positive experiences. Yes, I did say seeking...[read more]

Customer touchpoint: email customer service

By Kim Proctor

If you are regular reader of this blog you know how rare it is to get great customer service via email (much to my disappointment). This is an opportunity, like any customer contact, to thrill customers with your business.

Here is another sad example of email customer service and the issue that you need to avoid here...[read more]

2 new ideas that can help your business

By Kim Proctor

1) Customer opinions abound
Learn more about the online forums dedicated to capturing customer feedback and the power of getting involved in these forums.

2) A successful "employee first" model
Read more about the Southwest Airlines model.

Read these entries at: .


More on Customer Service

1) The Slurp and Pick
I was visiting my bank recently and like many banks, it has interior offices with windows on the inside. This design I can only guess is to show how "open" the banking officers are to the general pubic who walk in for a transaction. [read more]

2) To Hear of Not to Hear
"Can you believe how stupid he was?"

"I know what an a______ he was."

"Can you f_____ believe this?"

What would you do or think if you heard these kinds of phrases from behind a counter from employees who could not see you, nor you them? [read more]


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