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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ViewTrack?
ViewTrack is an easy-to-use online application that enables customers to provide feedback and allows companies to review, download and analyze the feedback any time of day or night.

Where does the application reside?
While the customer goes to your Website to give his or her feedback via the CustomersFirst feedback form, the ViewTrack application actually resides on a secure server with the CustomersFirst Web host.

How do my customers access the feedback form?
From your Website. Once there, they simply click on the customized CustomersFirst logo, and the feedback application pops up for quick input.

How does the ViewTrack actually work?
CustomersFirst customizes a feedback form to gather information valuable to your company. After customers submit their feedback, you can then access the data online through the CustomersFirst Website. For details see " How It Works ." In addition, depending on the "negative" responses of a customer submission, email alerts are generated and sent to the selected individuals within your organization, without them having to log in to

Why not build my own application instead?
You can! But most business owners would rather spend their time on what they do best-their business. CustomersFirst can save you time and energy by employing its expertise to help you achieve results quickly. By becoming a member of the CustomersFirst family, your company takes full control of your customer feedback without having to invest in IT staff, programming, increased server space, etc. With CustomersFirst, your customer feedback program can be up and running faster than you could find someone within your organization to build it for you..

Can I be notified via email, of feedback that needs attention immediately?
The ViewTrack program can notify your decision-makers instantly via email if a customer leaves negative feedback that needs immediate attention.

My company already has a "Contact Us" page, why choose ViewTrack?
Having a "Contact Us" page is essential to any Website. However, any information you get from it depends on the customer taking proactive steps to send you their comments. In addition, the information you receive is most likely in simple text and email form. You cannot graphically view how your company is doing in terms of its Customer Service Index (CSI) or Net Promoter Score® (NPS). What customers appreciate, is knowing that you're actively seeking their input. Showing the CustomersFirst logo prominently on your site, store windows, promotional handouts, point of sale (POS) displays and by employees requesting feedback-lets customers know you're interested and listening. CustomersFirst is a program, not just cool technology.

Will my staff need special training to use the ViewTrack?
The short answer is "not at all." The ViewTrack was designed to be intuitive for any Web user. Therefore anyone who is familiar with browsing the Web can easily understand how to use ViewTrack. You may be using staff now to rifle through postcard reply mailers. Freeing them from this time-intensive task will make them more efficient and productive. ViewTrack does all the tabulating and processing of the information, categorizing it and storing it for your viewing.

I already have Goldmine, ACT! or some other CRM software, why should I use ViewTrack?
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an important tool for companies with a sales staff managing many customers. These companies may wish to track many items such as each call to their customers, what was said, repeat orders, what the customer buys and when, even birthdays. CustomersFirst is used at a different contact point-once the customer has interacted (i.e., purchased a product or service) with your company. It provides an independent means to measure the effectiveness of your front-line staff, customer service reps and sales people-not only through their actual sales, but also through the customer satisfaction and loyalty that is the outcome from these interactions.

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