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CustomersFirst uses the proprietary ViewTrack, a custom online software tool your customers find on your Website. Customers visit your site, see the CustomersFirst logo, click on it, and launch the tool. They can then easily enter their impressions of your service.

Customer feedback is then delivered instantaneously via the Web to the decision-makers in your company (CEOs, presidents, managers, select staff members-whomever you choose), allowing real-time intelligence and quick follow-up. You'll get the good news fast enough to reward employees effectively; you'll get the bad news fast enough to remedy any unfortunate situation.

It would be hard to overestimate the power of decision-makers being able to respond to feedback as a customer submits it. No more waiting for a customer to fill out a reply card, mailing it and then waiting for the postal service to deliver it. Instead, customers feel they are being heard in a timely manner, and your business will see the results.

Benefits & Features:

Customer loyalty
In addition to your being able to provide enhanced or improved customer service, your customers will recognize that you are striving to learn from and listen to them.

Fast implementation
Depending on your needs, CustomersFirst can have your customized ViewTrack application ready in days...or even hours!

Cost effective feedback
Reduce or eliminate high-priced feedback collection methods, such as telephone surveys, focus groups, comment cards and reply card mailers

View feedback from home, office or on the road
Any Internet-enabled computer will give you access, 24/7.

Drives traffic to your site
A customer who is visiting your site to give feedback may stick around to do some more shopping or to find out more about your company. You'll then have the opportunity to market additional services.

Develop Permission Marketing List
The CustomersFirst form can include specific questions geared toward gaining customer permission to send them notifications at a later date about your company. You'll accumulate a database of loyal customers to tell about special events, sales, and other promotional opportunities at a later date.

Editable surveys
Want to try out different questions, or get specific information on a particular service or feature? Unlike with paper surveys, CustomersFirst can edit the questions in your survey quickly and efficiently.

Coordinated design
CustomersFirst will adjust the colors of its logo so that the link on your site matches with your design. In addition, when a customer clicks on the CustomersFirst logo, the color of the popup window (with the actual feedback form) matches your site. Customers feel like they're still on your site.

FREE upgrades
As a CustomersFirst member in good standing, any and all upgrades or additional features are available to you at no extra charge.

Onsite customer service presentations
Depending on your membership package, you may be eligible for a professional speaker to visit your stores and attend manager meetings to communicate with your staff about the importance of customer service. Use this exclusive CustomersFirst service to achieve greater customer service awareness.

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