Customer Service Research
  • How do businesses lose customers?

    • 1% die
    • 3% move away
    • 5% follow a friend's advice
    • 9% leave because of a better product/service or price
    • 14% leave because of dissatisfaction with the current product/service

    Compare the above to this startling statistic:

    • 68% leave because of what they perceive as indifference from the merchant or someone within the merchant's organization. They feel unappreciated, unimportant and taken for granted.

    (Source: The Ultimate Marketing Plan by Dan S. Kennedy)

  • Before you spend your time and money attracting new customers with whom you have not yet established a relationship, consider the following statistics:

    • Repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers.
    • Referrals among repeat customers are 107% greater than non-customers.
    • It costs 6x more to sell something to a prospect than to sell that same thing to a current customer.
    (Source: )
  • From a case study on the importance of customer service:

    • It costs as much to gain ONE new client as to keep FIVE existing ones

    (Source: The Times 100)


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